Hello Guys,

today i wanna show you a VTrigger combo with Critical Art closing.

Ken is my main and i love his impulsive and creative fighting style … i wished, that he had a bit stronger footsie normals, which makes him more complete fighter.

  • Also ist nice, that you come from one corner in the other, which means, if the opponent gets u in the corner and you have all resources, you can put him directly in the corner … strategicaly it is nice to do this combo, if the opponent has about half life, cause the damage scaling is reduced, if the opponent has lesser life.
  • There are also other options, you can use after the vtrigger, which are the chin buster target combo and hp.tatsu. But strategicaly, in the second game, your opponent has left about 400hp, it is good to use this combo with closing critical art, so you get 385 damage … take this in calculation, so alwys oberserve, how much live your opponent has, to fit your combose and use tactical your resources.
  • The great thing about the v trigger from Ken is, that he can cancel even special moves like the hadoken, so i put it inbetween the cr.mp and the vtrigger.
  • Startup 5 frames with good range after for example a dash, active frames are even 3, hit on advantage is plus 4 frames and block advantage is plus 1 frames. Ist a relativ safe neutral … but important is the timing, cause there are many 4 frames startup neutrals, who beat Kens 5 frames cr.mp
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