Hello guys,

I am genius and today i wanna show you a tutorial for beginner. An easy extension for the target combo „jodan sanrengeki“ (st.MP,st.HP,st.HK).

  • Cause St.mp is one of the main most effective normals from Ryu with plus frames on hit and block,  it is a very safe execution, he even hits crouching opponent, which is very important and you can build many combos out of st.mp.
  • In street fighter, it is important to develop good and easy basic pattern in your mind, which take in account the important spacing and mostly contain double combos like cr.mk, cr.mp.,st.mp into hadoken, where you can build on it with tripples and further install V-trigger to extent even more.
  • The advantage of this combo is also, that you push the opponent far in the corner and get much space.
    So, if he wants to close the gap, after the knock down, you have good options to react … even you can bait him with st.mp (which i like more as a bait, as the st.lp, cause it immitate more the hadoken)from that distance to provoke him to jump, where you can answer with for example an shoryuken
  • I have set the wakeup action of the opponent to a hadoken, so you can see, that the second ex/vt/hp hadoken hits, if immediately executed after the first ex/vt/hp hadoken.
  • The result is 305 damage and 540 stun


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